company culture

Vision: Striving to maintain its position as one of the leading export enterprises in Vietnam with the motto "Good quality - Clean products".
Mission: To ensure the harmony of the interests of the company, the customers, the workers and the community.
Core values: "Dynamic, enthusiastic, forward-looking, team-oriented, responsible, customer."
Attitude to customers:
- Professional: provide the best products and services from the ordering stage to the delivery of goods, thoroughly solve the arising in the process of purchase, support and meet the needs of customers.
- Commitment: always in the ready position, respond quickly and promptly the message of the customer.
- Honestly: do a thorough business ethics of a businessman, do not commit fraudulent trade, deceive customers.
Attitude towards work:
- Dynamic: actively explore, exchange experience, create learning, contribute creative ideas, unique, contribute to the company.
- Enthusiasm: always strive to contribute knowledge to the success of the company.
- Demonstration: Efforts to improve oneself, constantly develop the ability and go further in the development of the company.
- Responsibility: Each member of Que Ky Foods Corporation fulfills its assigned tasks and functions in accordance with the company's regulations.h.
Attitude towards colleagues:
- Respect: friendly, gentle with colleagues, not create or spread the rumors lack of base, false, affecting the reputation of colleagues in the company.
- Solidarity: support, cooperation, willingness to share experiences, help each other in the work forming a solid link, contribute to the construction of powerful companies.